Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Columbia Arts Guild Show

Sorry I could not make it to the meeting today. Here is the report on the show. Sorry it took me so long to get this out. --Jennifer

2008 Columbia Arts Guild Show report

The goal of this year show was to provide local artists with exposure to the public. The financial goal was to break even. Based on these two goals, the show was a huge success.

The show was held in the Scappoose Library meeting room. Melissa Gilbertsen created two very eye-catching signs. Balloons were attached to the signs to make them even more visable. They were placed on easels in front of the library and at the back door. We did not tally the number of people attending the show, but the traffic was impressive. 131 people took the time to vote for "The People's Choice" award. The winners were:

First place ribbon and $100. Big Horn Sheep by Annette Cunningham
Second place ribbon and $25. Broken Window by Ronnie Rardin

Congratulation also to Maeona Urban who sold her painting "Cafe in the Heat of the Day" and Jennifer Hanson who sold her stain glass mosaic called "Woman in the Wind."

This is the first year we did not hire judges. Having judges is preferable, but it adds a level of complexity that I was not willing to take on with so few Guild members available to help. If we can add them back in next year it would be great.

This is the first year we sold table space to artists. Two six foot tables and two eight foot tables were purchase for a total of $50. The tables were provided with the room. Having vendors worked very well. If we use the same space next year, we will probably need to limit it to three tables.

Show Expenses:
$15.00 room rental
$27.98 two easels
$46.95 printing/copies/postage
$7.90 balloons
$31.20 advertising
$9.50 ribbons
$125 prizes


Show Income:
$50 table rental fees collected
$80 commission on art sales
$133 Entry fees and dues


Note: Included in the expenses are the consignment agreements and entry forms that Kathie Fellows recreated. We printed enough for 2-3 shows.

Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Anderson

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