Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Portrait of Kathy

Portrait of Kathy
Oil on canvas
14" x 11"

No you aren't the only one playing in here. I spent a little over a month with virtigo from an ear infection and couldn't paint, read, view the computer screen, etc. I'm back on track again now and lots to do. I have posted this here in the guild site for some input please before I post it to my website or show Kathy. Kathy is Hawaiian/Philipino and has very beautiful skin which I am totally struggling to get on canvas. Pay no attention to her hair or the portion of her arm the I started to include but decided that it distracted from the face and will turn to blouse later. What I am asking is "Do I have the skin to dark?" I do not want her to look African American but she does have a warmer browner tone than pale old me. Help.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sitting at the Computer on a Snowy Day

Now doesn't that title sound like a Robert Frost poem?

The weather outside is frightful. I just did an art-related post to my blog at so I thought I'd throw it on here, too. Twice, twice(!), in the last two months I have received my own artwork in joke emails. My signature, of course, had long since been disappeared... Hmpf!

Before it got covered in snow, here is what was happening in my backyard pond. The ice eventually came up to within a fraction of an inch of Froggy's lips. (Do frogs have lips?) Now he's buried in a foot of snow, so I hope he's still doing his job keeping the fish alive.

Merry Christmas to my Columbia County art pals.