Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Portrait of Kathy

Portrait of Kathy
Oil on canvas
14" x 11"

No you aren't the only one playing in here. I spent a little over a month with virtigo from an ear infection and couldn't paint, read, view the computer screen, etc. I'm back on track again now and lots to do. I have posted this here in the guild site for some input please before I post it to my website or show Kathy. Kathy is Hawaiian/Philipino and has very beautiful skin which I am totally struggling to get on canvas. Pay no attention to her hair or the portion of her arm the I started to include but decided that it distracted from the face and will turn to blouse later. What I am asking is "Do I have the skin to dark?" I do not want her to look African American but she does have a warmer browner tone than pale old me. Help.

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Lee said...

Hi Maeona!
Ithink the skin tone looks great - warm light brown...I love how big the picture opens to show all the brushstrokes.

Have you ever been to
the latest is a portrait challenge.

Sorry you weren't well, Glad you're back!!! :^)