Wednesday, May 14, 2008

South Store Cafe Art Show

"Mckay Creek Wetland"
Oil on Canvas
12" x 6"

Sold at the show I am participating in at the South Store Cafe in Scholls with the Pacific Plein Air Painters.

Yipeee! Always a good feeling.


Lee said...

Beautiful, Maeona! I can see why it sold ★

Patty said...

When you click on the photo it gets big enough to see the brushstrokes. Don't you just love the internet?
It's lovely (the painting, not the internet).

Maeona said...

Thank you Lee. I liked it myself and didn't get to keep it long. I'll have to go there and paint again.

Maeona said...

Oh that is something I didn't know Patty. I'll have to go and click it big and take a look at the others on here again too. And by the way you can't hide behind that cat forever.