Friday, May 9, 2008


Hi artist friends I know, and others I don't! What a great idea. I rarely seem to make it to Guild happenings but I support in spirit. Cyber-participation is great for me and my wacky schedule. I'm nearing completion with a graduate certificate in Graphic Design (w/ Dig. Photo. concentration), starting preliminary work on a product line (cards, magnets, mugs ??) which may go nowhere! :-) Taking a lot of shots with my new camera (finally "went digital" - love it) I have a portfolio on-line if anyone wants to see. -kate ;-)


Lee said...

Hi Kate!
Great to see you here. Thanks for sharing your wonderful portfolio ★ :D

Maeona said...

Hi Kate!
Wow it is great to see how you are coming along here and in your site. What beautiful flowers.