Saturday, April 20, 2013

April 20th Still Life Session

We had fun drawing from two still life setups. Thanks to Autumn and Loretta for bringing objects to supplement the plants and copper.

I am posting photos of the still lifes as well as our sketches. Hopefully, some of us will finish these out with color.

I urge other members to create a version of their own and post them, too!

 Cat and Copper

 Catherine Ridenour

 Shamrock and Plate

 Autumn Pendergrast

 John Vinson

Loretta Sampson


Maeona Urban said...

Way cool people! and great work!

kathie said...

Very nice! Looks like fun.....

Autumn Pendergrass said...

It was great fun. Too bad more of you could not join us. There is something about the synergy of all being together.