Sunday, July 19, 2009


Well, Columbia Arts Guild, I've been following your discussion about a web site and felt remiss in not participating in the blog. So here's a little recent art from my house and the link to my archive. Cartoonstock is located in England, but the cartoons are available to anyone with an internet connection to use (for a fee) for anything from coasters to billboards. I have only submitted 3 'toons so far, so the money isn't quite rolling in - but I'm confident, it's only a matter of time...

The picture is a chunk of a greeting card design for RSVP Publishing in Maine. The owl was originally sporting a much smaller hat, but I was asked to enlarge his hat enough to go behind his ear tufts. Hmmmm. It probably took me 2 1/2 hours to figure out what someone who understood Photoshop would do in 5 minutes, but, ta da!, a bigger hat without a single change to my real-life on-paper art. I highly recommend Photoshop to keep Alzheimer's at bay.

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Maeona said...

I agree about the photo shop cure and I am glad to see you chime in. I miss you and your sense of humor.