Saturday, October 4, 2008

"Cafe in the Heat of Day"

Many of you already know that I sold this painting during the show at the Sauerkraut Festival show. That was a wonderful surprise for me besides getting to see some of you I hadn't for a while. You may be able to see it soon at the Old Town Cafe on E Columbia in Scappoose next to the police station. The owners of the cafe purchased it.

See you at the new 10 a.m. meeting time at the Joe's Cafe in St. Helens the third Wednesday if I can make it.


Lee said...

I didn't know...SUPER!

Patty said...

This is stunning. How big is it?

Maeona said...

Oh duh silly me I always forget to put the size when I post things to my own website too. Its 11" x 14"