Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Black Tie Blue Jean Event

Leather Look Wallet
Oil on Canvas
4" x 5"

BT&BJ Wallet
Oil on Canvas
5" x 7"

These are my Black Tie & Blue Jean trompe loeil leather oil paintings for the auction.

I use trompe loeil method for my Northwest Coast Native American style artwork so I thought I would try to use that for something else as well. The theme for the Black Tie is Western so I decided to try my hand at a leather tooling look. They put center pieces on the tables for sale. Last year they did art boots but I didn't get to do one. Had my hands full with other things. I'm glad to be able to do something even if it is small. Hope you are all having fun creating.


Lee said...

You are so good! I had to read because the pictures made me think you were crafting with leather!

Very neat, Maeona!

Maeona said...

Trompe loeil in the dictionary says it is to fool the eye so thank you for being fooled and admitting it.

Patty said...

There is a new yorker cartoon showing a guy with his arm smashed clear through a painting and sticking out the back. The artist is standing behind him and just says, "Trompe loeil."

Maeona said...

lol Patty
I guess the artist should be proud. I'm having the same problem with my NW coast designs. The sales people keep calling to confirm for clients that it isn't a print and that I painted it by hand. I have an urge to tell them no I use my feet, what do you think.